Enzyme technology is biological solutions for future economy. It means to change the way of resource utilizations. 

The annual growth rate of Global biotechnology industry has reached 25 to 30%, which is 10 times of the world economy growth. In 2020, global biological economic scale will reach $15 trillion. The biotechnology has become the emerging strategic industry amount the economic developments in China. Enzyme technology development will sustainably lead to highly integration of economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit. 

Suntaq’s R&D focuses on microorganism research, production technique development and industrial application study. New sources and updated production organisms from discovered and developed by our Microorganism research team give us opportunity to produce up-to-date or improved enzyme preparations. Production technique development is the precondition of large-scale production of enzymes, and our production experts develop and optimize every detailed procedure from strain flask cultivation to fermentation, recovery, concentration until formulation to have the perfect enzyme product with the best stability. Our R&D never stop industrial application study so as to find the optimal enzymes to work at required pH and temperature conditions, aiming to solve problems of diversified industrial applications of end users. 

We gradually improve our technology of these three sections, microorganism, production and application. In this way we chase opportunities to enhance our product quality and performance consistently, in order for us to eternally chase the satisfactory of our customers.