Enzymes are nowadays being used in many industries, such as baking, animal feed, fuel ethanol, starching sugar, distillery, beverage and beer, textile and so on. At Suntaq, we are not only produce enzymes for all these industries, but more importantly, we work together with end users, understanding their application details, and developing applicable enzyme solutions for each applications. 

All of our R&D work engaged in industrial enzyme is aiming to enzyme application of end users, as end using applications prescribe the materials and conditions that enzyme is working at. Application technology is subject to types of enzyme, substrates and enzyme working conditions because enzyme’s specialty is only working at sole substrate at certain pH and temperature conditions. So our goal is find what substrates are in the materials at what conditions of the end using applications.

So for application study, the first thing we do is to study all our enzymes produced from different microbial sources, finding their activities, side activities, endo- and exdo- activities, pH and temperature portfolio and etc., establishing enzyme character database for subsequent application study use. 

On the other hand, in order to develop a efficient and economical application technology, we must understand the material and conditions that enzyme is targeting. Normally the materials are consists of starch, NSPs, proteins and lipids. Unlike the substrates used in activity test, these materials normally are not pure but in complex combinations, such as grains, fruits or fabrics. Our R&D team analyzes and studies these materials everyday, recording and establishing material character database for all these materials for use of each industries. 

Based on the above database and the true needs of the end users, Suntaq R&D team developed EAVS (Enzyme Analysis and Verification System). EAVS makes our application R&D work more precise, more “processized” and more “realistic” to true industrial applications. The principle of EAVS is to find the optimal value-added enzyme solutions for customer’s requirements to realize true cost-saving. Our R&D team has developed many analysis methods and standards to achieve the comparison between different sources of enzymes or enzyme vs. chemicals. While different customers have different requirements due to the different target materials, different working conditions, these differences make each applications unique and complicated. With EAVS, we have served many solutions for customers from industries like animal feed, baking, fuel ethanol, distillery and textile. Our solutions are usually “tailor-made”, and we make “tailor-made” no longer expensive.